Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bardic Guild 2nd Circle Poet Composition

Compose 6-15 poems, half of which are suitable for use in an ADF ritual. (50 to 300 lines)

Tellus Mater
Tellus Mater, primal goddess of the earth,
Great mother of all,
You who nourish and sustain us,
In your presence we flourish.
Tellus Mater, gracious goddess of the earth,
Bright goddess of joy and prosperity,
You who are the source of continual creation
From who all life flows.
Tellus Mater, magnificent goddess,
We thank you for the abundance you give to us
And honor you now, before all others.

Roman Gates
Mundus, portus and flaming focus
As you open up before us,
Grant us guidance beyond your gates
And allow us access to our Fates.

Ianus Pater
Ianus Pater, opener of doors,
Guardian of every household,
You embody beginnings and endings
And guide us through the gates.
Through your door, let our words reach the Kindreds .
Through you, may our hearts be open.
Through you, may our homes be safe.
Through you, may all who join be welcomed.
And through you may our words travel past the portals.

My Fox
Sly Fox, quick to spring, quick to act,
And quick to disappear.
You came into our world, unexpected,
And left us all too soon,
With a void that can never be filled.

But, silly Fox, your departure is not your end,
For your memory lives on,
In the hearts of all of those you left behind,
And your name echoes,
In the dreams that we’ve fulfilled.

Old Fox, my promise to you is one I won’t forget,
The tales will still be told,
And the story will continue
Travel well, dear friend,
I’ll look for you in the shadows.

Puddle Jumper

Muddy puddles form in every hollow as the rain falls.
Splashing, joyful laughter echoes as the rain falls.
Cold, wet hair sticks to my face, as the rain falls.
Chilly water fills my shoes, as the rain falls.

Squishy noises under my feet as the rain falls.
Teaching my son to dance as the rain falls.
Holding hands, we jump as the rain falls.
I forget I’m an adult as the rain falls.

Golden arms stretch high,
Reaching into darkness and
Breaking through the night.

Fire barely warms me.
My toes frozen in my shoes,
Still damp from the dew.

Rhythm vibrates deep
Echoing through the darkness

Matching my heartbeat.

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