Monday, April 11, 2016

Bardic Guild 1st Circle Storyteller Composition

Compose one story between 300 and 600 words in length.

Greek Creation Story

In the beginning, there was no life and no light, only endless chaotic darkness.  In the infinite void existed Nyx.  Nyx was the embodiment of night in the form of a glorious ebony bird with expansive dark wings.  She was present when the rest of the universe was empty.  While she sat alone in the darkness a gust of wind brushed against her.  She danced and swayed with it, letting its rhythm guide and move her, and from the wind she was impregnated.  From this pregnancy, Nyx laid a beautiful golden egg.  Alone in the darkness, she cared for it, sitting upon it to keep it warm, and singing songs lovingly into the shell.  She waited with the egg for ages, waited patiently for it to hatch.  Eventually, she began to feel the stirrings of life below her and the egg began to crack.  From this shining golden egg, a god named Eros was born. It was Eros who brought love and light to the world.  And it was from Eros’ egg that everything we can see was formed.  One half of the egg rose into the air and became the sky, and the other fell far below to become the Earth. Nyx named the earth Gaia and the sky Ouranus and Eros made them fall in love. 
It is from this love between Gaia and Ouranus that the Titans were born.  However, Ouranos as much as he loved Gaia, he hated his children.  He believed they would overthrow him and take away his power, so as each of them was born he hid them away deep in the earth.  Gaia was furious with her husband, so she conspired with her children to seek revenge.  She plotted with her son, Kronos and together they made a plan.  Kronos, ambushed Ouranos and castrated him.  The blood from Ouranos’s wounds poured into Gaia, and from it Erinyes and the Nymphais, the Furies and Nymphs, were born.  Ouranos’s genitals were cast into the sea, and from them grew Aphrodite.  Ouranos was defeated, but he promised that the Titans would be punished for their betrayal. 

Kronos became the ruler over the Titans.  He took his sister Rhea as his wife, and together they had many children.  However, he never forgot his father’s curse and feared that he too would be overthrown by his children.  To avoid this, he chose to swallow his children as they were born.  Rhea was devastated as child after child were consumed by her husband.  She decided to follow her mother’s footsteps and conspire against Kronos.  When it was time to give birth to her sixth child, she hid with the nymphs, leaving the child, a son named Zeus, with them to care for.  She then wrapped a stone in a blanket and returned to Kronos, who then swallowed the rock.  Zeus grew strong and brave. He returned to the land of his birth and fought with Cronus.  After a great battle, with one final thrust, Zeus cut Kronos’ stomach open and the children he had swallowed were freed!  Zeus’ siblings were so grateful that they chose him as their king. 

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