Brewers Guild Study Program

1st Circle

By the time you complete this circle you should be familiar with the local and national laws regarding homebrewing, the history of brewing world wide and especially your hearth culture, the equipment, ingredients and general methods of brewing the three major classes of fermented beverages, the methods for tasting and describing the beverages, and brew multiple beverages of different types most of which are brewed for a spiritual purpose.

2nd Circle

By the time you complete this circle you should further expand your brewing for spiritual purposes including brewing specifically for a deity related to brewing of your choice, discussion of the importance of fermented beverages in ritual space, further knowledge on the various ingredients involved in brewing and the effects they have on the final product, recipe formulation, further your tasting and judging abilities, brewing for ritual purposes, and brewing various styles of beverages.

  • Brewing and Religion 2
  • Brewing Ingredients
  • Brewing Techniques
  • Brewing Practicum 2

3rd Circle

By the time you complete this circle you should be able to explain the spiritual importance of fermented beverages to you and your religious path, the technical details on all the ingredients and their effect on the final product including recipe formulation, culturing of yeast through at least 3 generations, host a tasting of various beverages, teach others how to brew, and brew multiple styles of beverage using advanced brewing techniques along with more devotional brews, and brew at least one historical beverage.

  • Brewing and Religion 3
  • Wine & Mead/Beer Ingredients
  • Wine & Mead/Beer Recipe Formulation
  • Wine & Mead/Beer Community Service
  • Wine & Mead/Beer Brewing Practicum

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