Monday, January 4, 2016

First Circle: Composition – Poet

Demeter Harvest Prayer of Praise

Blessed Demeter,
Daughter of Cronus and Rhea,
Goddess of grain, fruits and bread,
Like a mother, you give us the gift of life.
You who made fruit to spring from the lands
So the rich land was filled with leaves and flowers.
You who fill the barns with foods through your joy.
Thank you for the blessings you have given mankind,
For teaching the art of harvest, and that all must end.
 For providing us the many foods that sustain us.
Divine, delightful, and lovely Goddess
For all these things and more,
Bounteous Demeter,
We thank you!

Samhain Ancestor Poem

The ancient earth changes
As the seasons spiral round.
The autumn leaves dance
As they flutter to the ground.

The hearth fire burns warm
And keeps our hearts bright.
It helps guide us safely
Through the dark and quiet night.

To the ancient ancestors
Who walked this path before
With who we share our history,
Blood, bone, and so much more.

Guide us, awesome ancestors
And lead us on our way
Please accept our offerings
As we honor you this day.

Hestia Invocation for a Hellenic Ritual

Hestia, glorious goddess of the hearth,
You who we honor both first and last.
You embody both hearth and home
And guide us with your warmth.
With your name, we ignite the hearth fire.
Come forth and dwell in this space.

Hestia, gracious goddess of home
Goddess of the living flame
You who keep the hearth ablaze
And inspire us with your light.
With your name, we start our rite.
Come forth and dwell in this place.

Through you, may our hearts warmed.
Through you, may our homes be bright.
Through you, may all who join be welcomed.
And through you may our intentions be pure.
Hestia, magnificent goddess,

Come forth and encounter this rite.

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