Clergy Training Program

CTP - Preliminary Work: 

Baseline training is required prior to enrollment int he ADF Clergy Training Program.  This is a list of the required courses for the CTP - Prelim work.
I am thrilled to announce that I have officially completed this program. 

CTP First Circle:

Prior to joining the Clergy Training Program, you must submit a Letter of Intent.  Once approved, you must complete the following courses to complete the first circle of the CTP: 

Discipline 1 (Approved 2/1/15)
Ethics 1  (Approved 9/28/14)
Crisis Response (Approved 9/23/14)
Ritual Mechanics (Approved 11/16/14)
Liturgical Writing 1 (Approved 11/25/14)
Indo-European Myth 2 (Approved 11/10/14)
Bardic Studies for Liturgists (Approved 11/23/14)
Divination 1 (Approved 8/17/14)
Magic 1 for Priests (Approved 12/18/14)

Trance 1 (Approved 1/22/14)

Upon completion of the coursework for the First Circle, a student is expected to be prepared for ordination as an ADF Priest. The student must apply through a vocational statement and portfolio submission, as well as successfully completing a background check. You can find my 1st Circle Portfolio here. 

I have completed the CTP First Circle, and my application for ordination has been approved.  I received the following message from Rev. Kirk Thomas, the current Arch Druid for ADF:

"Congratulations, Rev. Amber Doty! The Officers of the Clergy Council have approved your request for ordination as an ADF Priest." 

I was ordained by Rev. Jean Pagano in Topeka, Kansas on April 11, 2015.  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the folk, and look forward to seeing what the future holds. 

CTP Second Circle:

Students wishing to continue the work must be ordained as ADF Priests, and will begin by working a new level of spiritual discipline. There is no application process to begin this work: it is assumed that many students will naturally move on to the next circle of study without break, though some may cease their work and remain as ADF Priests for the rest of their lives. 

Discipline 2 (Approved 2/28/17)
Divination 2 (Approved September 16, 2016)
Ethics 2 (Approved March 3, 2016)
Liturgical Writing 2 (Approved October 28, 2015)
Liturgy Practicum 2: Small Group Ritual (Approved November 27, 2015)
Magic 2 (Approved September 19, 2016)
Theatre for Ritual 1 (Approved March 23, 2016)
Trance 2 (Approved June 20, 2016)

Additionally, 2 Electives toward "specialty" below: 

Upon completion of all requirements, students will be eligible to apply for consecration as an ADF Consecrated Priest. You must have been an ADF Priest for two consecutive years before applying to become a Consecrated Priest. The skills we ask about and review should reflect this notion in your application. The application again consists of a portfolio of work done.  You can find my 2nd circle portfolio here.  

I have completed the CTP Second Circle, and my application for Consecration has been approved.  I received the following message from Rev. Jean Pagano, the current Arch Druid for ADF:

"I am pleased and proud to announce that Rev. Amber Doty has been approved for Consecration by a majority of the Clergy Council Officers.  She will be Consecrated in Omaha in May.  Please offer her your congratulations and blessings!"

CTP Third Circle:

Again, there is no formal requirement to begin Third Circle training, but like the previous training courses, Circle 3 requires you to be an ADF Consecrated Priest and begins with a new level of spiritual discipline. 

Discipline 3
Teaching Ritual Performance
Liturgical Practicum 3: Large Group Ritual
Theatre for Ritual 2
Pagan Theology 1
Special Occasion Rituals
Comparative Ancient Ritual Styles
Pagan Theology 2

Additionally, 2 Electives toward "specialty" below.  You must have completed the first course in the 2nd Circle before beginning the corresponding 3rd circle course. 

  • Helper:  Professional Helping Skills 2
  • Naturalist:  Nature Awareness 2
  • Leadership:  Leadership Development 2
  • Scholar:  IE Studies 2
  • Ritualist:  Comparative Ritual Theory